Moonthly astrology webinars

Each astrological season has their own special challenges and profound magic. The Spiritual Gayz moonthly astrology webinars will assist you in understanding the energy of the current sign to help you work with it instead of getting worked by it.


Each moonth, we will dive into the deeper meanings of the current Zodiac sign and unpack the major transits of the month ahead.  We'll also spend time preparing you for both the New Moon and the Full Moon and provide ritual suggestions for both.  Best of all, you can interact with us in real time and get all your questions answered. 


Each Webinar begins with a guided meditation and ends with a Q&A. For those that can't join us live, a recording of the Webinar will be emailed to you within 24 hours.  Think of these as one-off astrology lessons that will deepen your understanding of the planets and yourself!

The Spiritual gayz

Breathwork healing circle

In these intense times, The Spiritual Gayz are committed to holding space for those that need it.  Looking for some release, some grounding, a good cry, spiritual connection, a quiet mind, a primal scream, a chance to let go, a place to fall apart, an opportunity to heal, restructure, recenter or just plain lose your shit?  We got you covered.

Breathwork is a form of energy healing that plugs you back into the electrical socket of spirit so you can transform at a soul level.  This practice helps you notice where energy is stuck in the body and then assists you in shifting it. It’s ancient, effective and safe for everybody.  It promotes deep relaxation, spiritual connection, insight and sometimes BLISS!

Each session starts with a brief Astrological discussion of current transits.  Then we will answer any questions you have about the practice.  The Breathwork itself is set to a uniquely channeled playlist to help empower your process.  For those that cannot join live, a recording is sent out to be viewed at your convenience.