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ready for a 
virtual adventure?


This is our most popular workshop of the year. And there's a good reason for that!  Having an understanding of the Astrology to come is like a cheat code for your best year yet. Working with the understanding that each year has dramatically different transits, you can expect to walk away from these workshops with goals that align with the cosmos. 

But listen, we get it, twelve months of Astrology is A LOT to process. And that's exactly why we break it up into two different workshops. It's also nice to touch base halfway through the year to regroup and restart. 

We do cap registration so that we can keep the circle intimate and effective. If you can't join live, don't panic. We'll record these sessions so you can engage with them whenever is convenient-- or listen back when you need it most.

*Please email us if you need other payment options besides PayPal.*

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