About US

ANGEL LOPEZ is an astrologer, producer, writer, and co-host of the podcast, THE SPIRITUAL GAYZ. Angel has been studying and working with both the Tarot and astrology for over twenty years.  He hosted the AOL.com astrology web-series, ASTRO TALK WITH ANGEL, and is the author of  the blog, ASTROLOGY REALNESS. He has also had thought pieces published on Upworthy.com, The Huffington Post, and Efniks.com. On the flip side, Angel produced the 2014 Sundance Film Festival award-winning film, DEAR WHITE PEOPLE, as well as Meredith Danluck’s STATE LIKE SLEEP and Justin’s second feature, BAD HAIR, which just had its premiere at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. He also wrote and directed his own short film, I CAN’T WITH YOU, which had its premiere at the 2016 HollyShorts Film Festival.

BRANDON ALTER is a Shamanic healer, Tarot reader, Astrologer, spiritual teacher, mystic and writer living in Los Angeles. He is passionate about sharing spiritual tools that have helped him reconnect to the wisdom of his heart. Brandon is a thoroughly trained healer and yoga teacher who co-hosts The Spiritual Gayz with his husband, a twice-monthly podcast dedicated to exploring the wide reaches of spirituality, without pretending that it all makes sense. Brandon writers monthly Tarotscopes for Queerty and is the Tarot Reader in residence for the Numinous.  Brandon’s mom took him to his very first psychic when he was seven and gave him his first Tarot deck when he was eleven. Since then he has devoted himself to the study of Tarot, Yoga, Pilates, Reiki, Astrology and Shamanic Skills.

BRANDON's Training–

Two-Week Intensive Training with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, workshops in Divination and Dreamwork and currently participating in their three-year program of Advanced Initiations.


Breathwork Healing:  Completed David Elliott’s four level healer training.


Reiki:  Reiki Attuned for over fifteen years.

Yoga:  200 hr Yoga program at the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara.


University:  Bachelor of Arts with Honors from University of Southern California.