Look forward to a new episode every other Thursday. 

We alternate between "Deep Dive" episodes and "Spirit Talk" episodes. 

A Deep Dive is where we devote an entire episode to exploring a singular topic, like the Cups of Tarot or All About Venus. 


A Spirit Talk is a soul-centered interview with interesting and innovative humans who are willing to share their inner spiritual journeys.  Past guests have included writer and relationship guru Tracy McMillan, actress/producer Lena Waithe, writer/creator of hit TV show POSE Steven Canals, artist and Tarot Card designer James R. Eads, filmmaker Justin Simien, and healer/life-coach Ryan M. Allen.

All episodes contain mini-segments like Cosmic Update or A Dose of Reality and conclude with a collective Tarot Card Reading.  

We strive to demystify the mystical, giving you direct access to ancient systems of wisdom without taking it all too seriously.  Above all we believe living a spiritual life should be fun!  Wherever you are on your spiritual path, we hope you can enjoy the adventure.  




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if you have suggestions for deep dive episodes or know someone that would make a great spirit talk, let us know!


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