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healings and readings


Astrology readings with angel

Angel offers three types of in depth Astrology readings, one for new clients and one for returning clients. While in person services aren't available at this time, all readings can be performed remotely.


Birth Chart Reading

80 minutes/$225

In this reading, we will take a comprehensive look at your natal birth chart. Together, we'll dive into your inherent gifts, strengths, and challenges and see how you're working with or against them to make the most of this lifetime. This reading will also offer some insight into what's going on for you right now, the areas of your life where you could be currently putting more focus, and the potential of what could be ahead in the next 3-12 months.

Your Astrology of Now Reading

50 minutes/$165.00

This reading is for you first time clients who are looking for more of a direct hit of insight into how the current planetary landscape is affecting you right now. We will still look at the birth chart and reference it but we won't go all the way in, just touching more so on what's at play for you at this time. It's a fast and furious session that packs a lot of punch!

Return Client Check-in

1 hour/$165.00

These readings are for you returning clients who want a more comprehensive look into what's affecting you and your birth chart right now. It offers insight into the areas of life you could be focusing on, as well as what could be ahead in the next 3-12 months.

Return Client Check-in

30 minutes/$85.00

These readings are for you returning clients who want a more comprehensive look into what's affecting you and your birth chart right now. It offers insight into the areas of life you could be focusing on, as well as what could be ahead in the next 3-12 months.


REadings and Healings

with Brandon

Brandon offers Tarot and Astrology readings, they also offer Spiritual Healing, Breathwork energy Healing and Personalized Yoga/Pilates sessions. Please read below and feel into what service best suits your needs at this time. While in person sessions aren't currently available, all the following offerings can be performed remotely.

For more information on Spiritual Healing, click here.

For more information on Breathwork, click here.

Spiritual Healing (Soul Retrieval + Power Animal Retrieval and Extraction Work)

1 hour 20 minutes/$250.00

Over thousands of years our ancestors from every continent learned how to access spiritual sources of power and wisdom ordinarily accessible through dreams, myths, and near-death experiences. The healer doesn’t perform the healing, the spirits do. Through my relationships with benevolent deities, ancestors and other luminous beings, each session is specifically divined to meet your spiritual needs and may include: Soul Retrieval, Power Animal Retrieval, Extraction Work, Healing Song and Passing Power.

Energy Healing (Breathwork + Crystals + Reiki)

1 hour 20 minutes/$250.00

In Hebrew the word for breath and spirit are the same. This particular type of breathwork will unblock your heart and reconnect you with your own divinity. For those struggling with heavy emotions, anxiety, depression, or a mind that wont let you rest, this session will reset your nervous system and your spirit. During your session I build a custom crystal grid around you to facilitate whatever intentions you have. Each session concludes with Reiki to help you integrate your healing.


Complete Tarot Reading

70 minutes/$185.00

Tarot Readings can be tailored to address any specific questions you may have about your own life. They can also provide insight and clarity that has otherwise been eluding you. A Complete Tarot reading allows for multiple questions or, my specialty, a Year Ahead Spread, where one card is selected for each month of the year and a thirteenth central card is selected to represent the unique teaching and theme of your next solar cycle. This reading can be done at any time, not just in January.

Complete Astrology Chart Reading

70 minutes/$185.00

Your birth chart is a picture of the heavens at the moment of your birth. When we gaze into the chart we are working with an ancient oracle that connects us to the unique combination of energies that make up your soul's blue print. This hour long reading will cover all your planetary placements and help you to accept yourself on a soul level.  Astrology teaches us how to embrace our power and how best to nurture our opportunities for growth.

Quickie Tarot or Astrology Reading

35 minutes/$99

Quickie readings are perfect for those looking for a little spiritual guidance, best for return clients. If you have a specific question or two, want some deeper understanding of your current Astrological situation, or are seeking clarity on one particular realm (or theme) of your life. Thirty five minutes of Tarot generally allows for two to three questions. Thirty five minutes of Astrology can thoroughly cover your Sun, Moon and Ascendant, or can illuminate current transits or planetary returns.

Mini Tarot or Astrology Reading

15 minutes/$55

A mini reading is perfect fro when you need a quick spiritual boost.  If you have one question to ask the cards or a specific astrological aspect or transit in your chart that needs exploration, book the mini reading.


Spiritual Journeying Session (Instruction or Divination)

1 hour/$150.00

Spiritual Journeying (also know as Soul Travel or Spirit Flight) is the ancient art of traveling to invisible worlds to connect with your helping and healing spirits. These compassionate and benevolent beings knows our heart's path and our soul's purpose. By learning this skill we can connect with these divine presences at any time and receive the information, power or healing we need. Simply put, we don’t have to wait for the vision to come to us, through Journeying, we can travel to the vision and bring it back.  This is for those wanting to learn this skill or for those hiring me to journey for them.


with The Spiritual GAYZ


1 hour 20 minutes/$375.00

For a while now people have asked if they could get a reading from both of the Spiritual Gayz at the same time. Well now you can!  This is an 80 minute combination Astrology and Tarot reading with both Brandon and Angel. You'll receive the benefit of their combined expertise and have access to both of their intuitive gifts simultaneously. Together they will share their insights on your birth chart and pull cards intermittently to help with the understanding and integration of these energies. For those that are wanting to dive deep with The Spiritual Gayz, this session is for you!


Legal notice: Services are for entertainment purposes only. Nothing here constitutes legal, medical, or other professional advice.

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