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Chart + Soul

The Magic of astrology

An Eleven-Week Online Immersion

into the zodiac

Astrology is magic.


Your birth chart is the blue print for your soul.


When you enter into the world of astrology and begin to study your own birth chart, you open the doorway to greater self-awareness and healing. By diving into the mystical rhythms of your life as reflected by the movements of the sky’s celestial bodies, you will better understand the cycles of your life’s history and your current self in such a magnificent way. 


Astrology offers clarity on why you think, speak, and act the way you do. You can see the relationships in your life more clearly, and you can better comprehend your role in them. You’re also able to dissect your greatest personal challenges and strengths so that you can work with them, instead of against.



Our class is designed to give you a practical understanding of how to read your birth chart and to feel empowered to use it.  Over the course of eleven weeks, we will walk you through all twelve signs of the Zodiac, the planets themselves, how they aspect each other, and the twelve houses that set the stage for all this energy to play out.  The goal is for you to complete this class feeling confident in your ability to interpret your own chart and maybe even your friends' charts, too!


Each class will begin with a guided meditation and end with a Q&A.  You’ll get a copy of our extensive and original Astrology notes + additional materials to inspire and expand your relationship with the Zodiac.  And as a bonus, you’ll receive free access to the Spiritual Gayz Moonthly Astrology Webinars and Healing Breathwork Circles while the class is in session.


We believe in cultivating an inclusive, judgement-free environment. Consider this class to be your virtual weekly sanctuary, where you can feel held in sacred space with like-minded folks and gain some perspective on why you are here.  Give yourself this cosmic gift of self-care, one that will actually nourish your spirit and teach you skills to make your life better!


The DetaiLS:

Classes meet on consecutive Thursdays from 5-6:30 PM (pst) starting March 11th and ending on May 20th, 2021

If you can’t attend live classes, don’t worry, you’ll receive the recording within 24 hours and can email your questions to be answered the following week.

All levels, all ages.  No experience necessary, just bring your open mind and open heart.


What you get:

  • Over 20 hours of live instruction.

  • Two additional live study sessions.

  • Guided meditations and spiritual skills to take with you.

  • The Spiritual Gayz extensive and original Astrology notes.

  • Additional materials to inspire and empower you (playlists, poems, etc.)

  • Direct access to working professional readers and intuitives.

  • Free access to the Spiritual Gayz Moonthly Astro Club and Breathwork Healing Circles while class is in session.

Full Class Syllabus

Week One: Welcome to the Cosmos                                                   

  • Overview of Astrology, History and Usage

  • Explanation of a Birth Chart

  • The Elements (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water)

  • The Modalities (Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable)

Week two: meet the zodiac       

  • Introducing all Twelve Signs

  • Exploring their Polarities

  • WTF is a Cusp?

  • The Chakras that Correspond to the Signs

Week three: astrology house party       

  • Introducing all Twelve Houses

  • Charting the Horizon (aka The Ascendant and Descendant)

  • WTF is a Midheaven and IC?

  • WTF is a Stellium?

Week four: The Big Three                                                                    

  • Exploring the Significance of the Sun in Your Chart

  • Exploring the Significance of the Moon in Your Chart

  • Exploring the Significance of the Rising Sign in Your Chart

  • WTF is a Moon Void?

Week Five: The Personal Planets  

  • Exploring the Significance of Mercury in Your Chart

  • Exploring the Significance of Venus in Your Chart

  • Exploring the Significance of Mars in Your Chart

  • Understanding their Retrograde Personality

Week six: The Two Teachers 


  • Exploring the Significance of Jupiter in Your Chart

  • Exploring the Significance of Saturn in Your Chart

  • Understanding their Retrograde Personality

Week seven: The Mystics of the Solar System


  • Exploring the Significance of Uranus in Your Chart

  • Exploring the Significance of Neptune in Your Chart

  • Exploring the Significance of Pluto in Your Chart

  • Understanding their Retrograde Personality

Week eight: Holy Asteroids                                                                

  • Meet the Asteroids: Eris, Ceres, Pallas, Juno, and Vesta 

  • Exploring the Significance of Chiron in Your Chart

  • WTF are the North and South Nodes?

Week nine: Planetary relationships                                                            

  • An Introduction to Basic Aspects​​​

    • Squares​

    • Oppositions

    • Trines

    • Sextiles

    • Conjunctions

Week ten: The Turning of the wheel                                                                    

  • An Introduction to Astrological Transits

  • Exploring Planetary Returns

  • WTF is the Galactic Center?

Week eleven: The library is open   


  • How to Read Yourself and Others

  • Astrology is Practical Magic

  • Planetary Rulerships: Who Owns this Chart?

  • A Tool for Dating and Relationships?



Option One: One payment of $425 

Option Two:  Three payments of $155

(Second payment to be made by April 8th. Last payment by May 6th.)

*Please email us if you need other payment options besides PayPal.*

questions?  email uS:

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