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Astrology is Magic.
Learn how to cast its spell.

Astrology for Seekers is our follow up to Chart + Soul, but you can still join us even without having taken that course. This course is our answer to students who’ve learned the basics of the Zodiac: planets, signs and aspects and are wondering NOW WHAT?


We want to invite you into the complexity and mystery of the Cosmos by delving into different techniques that will empower you to use Astrology in your daily life. Whether it’s exploring compatibility through Synastry and Composite charts or predicting your year ahead with a Solar return chart— there’s so much to learn and explore. 


Why learn with the Spiritual Gayz? Not only are we professional astrologers but we pride ourselves on unpacking difficult concepts in down to Earth ways. Our goal is to make the esoteric accessible. And since we teach our classes live, you can be sure that we won't move on until your comprehension is gained.


This class will cover:

-Solar Returns

-Secondary Progressions

-Annual Profections

-Time Lords

-Saturn/Jupiter Cycles

-Synastry and Composite Charts

-Moon Phase Families

-The Lots (of Fortune, Spirit, Eros, etc.)

-Cosmic Hot Spots (Via Combusta, Galactic Center, World Points, etc.)


Each class will begin with a guided meditation and end with a Q&A.  If you can't attend live, class will be sent out within 24 hours. That way you can send us your questions and we'll answer them in our next session.  And as a bonus, you’ll receive free access to the Spiritual Gayz Moonthly Astrology Webinars and Healing Breathwork Circles while our course is in session.


We believe in cultivating an inclusive, judgement-free environment. Consider this class to be your virtual weekly sanctuary, where you can feel held in sacred space with like-minded folks and gain some perspective on why you are here.  Give yourself this cosmic gift of self-care, one that will actually nourish your spirit and teach you skills to make your life better!

Crescent Moon
Astrology Map

The DetaiLS:

Classes meet on consecutive Tuesdays from 5-7 PM (pst) starting October 26th and ending on December 7th, 2021

If you can’t attend live classes, don’t worry, you’ll receive the recording within 24 hours and can email your questions to be answered the following week.

All levels, all ages.  No experience necessary, just bring your open mind and open heart.

What you get:

  • Over 14 hours of live instruction.

  • One additional live study sessions.

  • Guided meditations and spiritual skills to take with you.

  • Additional materials to inspire and empower you (playlists, poems, etc.)

  • Direct access to working professional readers and intuitives.

  • Free access to the Spiritual Gayz Moonthly Astro Club and Breathwork Healing Circles while class is in session.

New World

Full Class Syllabus


Week One: Your Day in the Universe


Understanding transits in your daily life.

Casting and interpreting Solar Return Charts.

Our first class centers around transits and how to understand their application to your own life. We take this a step further and use the transit of a solar return to cast a predictive chart for the year ahead.


Week Two: Moon Magic


Moon cycles, tracking the moon throughout two and half years. 

Exploring the differences between opening and closing squares and trines.


The Moon completes itself every 28 days or so but there are longer lunation cycles than can help us track the evolution of projects, relationships and even ourselves . Tracking these cycles also brings up the concept of opening or closing aspects that can be useful in deepening your understanding of these aspects in your chart.


Week Three: The Jupiter Journey


How to see the larger transit cycles of Jupiter working in your life.


Jupiter takes about twelve years to complete its trip around the Zodiac. Once you understand how Jupiter affects your chart, and how it expresses itself through the signs, you can track and even predict what this great teacher has planned for your life.


Week Four: The Saturn Strategy


How to see the larger transit cycles of Saturn working in your life.


Saturn takes about 29.5 years to complete its trip around the Zodiac. Once you understand how Saturn affects your chart, and how it expresses itself through the signs, you can track and even predict what this great teacher has planned for your life.


Week Five: Astrology LoveGame


Introducing the concept of decants in Astrology.

Exploring Synastry and Composite charts for compatibility.


Everybody say love! Can the planets tell you when you’ll meet the love of your life? Can the planets help you understand your current relationship more deeply. Yes, they can! This week of class explores compatibility through the use of both Synastry and Composite charts.


Week Six: The Beat Goes On


Understanding and Working with Secondary Progressions

And introduction to Annual Profections and Time lords.


Secondary Progressions and Annual Profections are powerful Astrological techniques that can help you track the story of your chart as it evolves. We will explore the thinking behind them and then explore using them in practice.


Week Seven: Cosmic Hot Spots


Introducing and exploring:

World Points, Galactic Center, Via Combusta, Serpentis, The Lots (aka The Arabic Parts), The Pleiades, Fixed Stars, and Out of Bounds


Our last week of class is an opportunity to learn about a range of interesting tidbits we consider Cosmic Hot Spots that can help illuminate certain locations in your chart.


Option One: One payment of $297 

Option Two:  Three payments of $107

(Second payment to be made by October 30th. Last payment by November 30th.)

*Please email us if you need other payment options besides PayPal.*

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