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our brand new astrology course

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Designed to deepen your Astrological understanding but accessible enough for newbies, over the course of seven weeks, husbands Brandon and Angel will introduce different practices that make Astrology fun, practical and impactful!




But we get it. Seven weeks can feel like too big of a commitment. So we're making these workshops available as one-offs as well. And, as always, we record these classes and send them out within 24 hours, so if you can't make it in real time, you can still participate fully.


Join us for as many as you like and we look forward to seeing you in the stars!

The Curriculum:

Week One (March 7th):

Chiron. Articulating the Wound.

Mommy, ouch. Chiron helps us give voice to what hurts us the most. Because if you can’t speak to what ails you, it’s hard to find the cure. This unique planetoid, discovered in 1977 can teach us about our untapped potential as healers– but first we have to understand our deepest wounds. This workshop is all about unlocking the power of Chiron as a key to our greater authenticity. We will also introduce Chiron’s counterpart, the mysterious planetoid Chariklo, who walks with us on our path towards healing.


You’ll walk away with a robust understanding of how Chiron factors into your birth chart and the healing it wants to offer you. You’ll also feel confident in helping others engage with their unique Chiron as well.


Weeks Two and Three (March 14th and 21st):

The Houses. Cosmic Domesticity.


Imagine the planets in your birth chart as beautiful jewels. And the signs in which they sit describe their quality– but where the hell are you gonna put them? That’s why we need the Houses in Astrology. If you don't know where to put your jewels it's hard to let them shine. This two week workshop is devoted to deeply unpacking the power of the houses in Astrology. We’ll explore the historical interpretations of the houses and more modern understandings to help you let your natal planets sparkle and shine where they want to!


You’ll walk away with a PhD in Astrological Interior Design! No, but seriously, this workshop will empower you to use the houses in your Astrological interpretation and demystify this often overlooked piece of the Astrologer’s practice.


Weeks Four and Five (March 28th and April 4th):

Elections and Inceptions. Choosing Fortune.


When’s a good time to get married, or launch a business, or just grab lunch with an old friend? Electional Astrology is a powerful tool to help you make sure the planets are on your side when you decide to start something. But what if you already launched your business, or went on a first date, is it too late? Inceptional Astrology is all about helping you understand the “Birth Chart” of events that already transpired. We’ll spend two weeks illuminating both practices and helping you feel confident in understanding the foundational principles of picking the right dates.


You’ll walk away with everything you need to know about how to choose auspicious dates and how to know which ones to avoid!


Week Six (April 18th):

Solar Returns. More Than Just A Birthday.

Birthdays are sacred and they have secrets to share. Each year, when the Sun returns to the place it occupied at your birth, whispers of the year to come. Looking at a Solar Return chart is a powerful divinatory tool that highlights the unique challenges and gifts each year of your life presents. We will break down what to look for in a Solar Return Chart and also explore how to put it in relationship to the Natal Chart itself. Using several examples from participants in class to unlock the principles of reading a Solar Return Chart, this workshop is all about glimpsing the future in the present.


You’ll walk away with the ability to read a Solar Return Chart and a confidence in the principles of interpretation when it comes to this particular practice.


Week Seven (April 25th):

Retrogrades. Stalling or Stunting?

Retrogrades aren’t out to get us, they’re just misunderstood. It's time to stop looking at retrogrades as enemies and unlock their power as allies. This workshop is all about slowing down with the planets so we can get to know them better. We'll cover all the planets and how their retrogrades affect us. We'll also explore what it means to be born with retrograde planets. 

You'll walk away confident to engage any retrograde planet and able to receive the hidden gifts each retrograde planet gives.

The Details:


Classes meet on Tuesdays, starting March 7th from 5:30-7 PM, PST

+ 30 minute optional Astrology Lab (for questions, gossip and more examples).

*Class recordings sent out within 24 hours!

The Tuition:

Single Class: $45

2 week Workshops: $90


Sign up and *SAVE*

All Seven Weeks: $270

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