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The Tarot is an unlimited oracle.  Once you understand the cards themselves there are infinite things the deck can do.  This seven week class goes beyond basic meanings and readings in an effort to empower students to interpret the cards with added complexity and generosity of spirit.  Drawing from Kabbalah, Astrology, mythology and animistic practices, this course is designed to immerse you in your Tarot practice, body, mind, heart and spirit.


If you are ready to start going deeper with the cards this class is for you.  Each week of class will include an opening invocation, an advanced spread (that students and teacher will interpret together), a lecture-inspired conversation and an experiential practice designed to help students embody the cards, not just intellectually understand them.


In addition to the seven classes, there will be two optional informal “study sessions” where students can come together to practice giving readings to each other and ask additional questions.  As with everything The Spiritual Gayz do, building community is as important as the learning and teaching.  These optional meetings will help foster a deeper sense of connection to the fellow seekers in class.




Meditation in Forest

The High Priestess

This syllabus was designed by pulling the cards themselves but will remain flexible to address the desires and needs of the students who have gathered.  As this is the first time we are teaching this course, it's an exciting opportunity to be the first group that gets to experience and shape the material.


If you’re wondering if you’re “advanced” enough to take this course, you probably are!  By no means do you have to be an “expert” in reading the Tarot.  As long as you have some familiarity with the cards and their meanings (even if it's just a word or phrase you associate with each one), you will be fine.  If you’re unsure if this course is the right fit for you please reach out and we can determine if it’s a good match.


The DetaiLS:

Classes meet on consecutive Tuesdays from 5-7 PM (pst) starting March 30th and ending on May 11th, 2021

If you can’t attend live classes, don’t worry, you’ll receive the recording within 24 hours and can email your questions to be answered the following week.

All levels, all ages.  No experience necessary, just bring your open mind and open heart.


What you get:

  • Over 14 hours of live instruction.

  • Two additional live study sessions.

  • Guided meditations and spiritual skills to take with you.

  • Additional materials to inspire and empower you (playlists, poems, etc.)

  • Direct access to working professional readers and intuitives.

  • Free access to the Spiritual Gayz Moonthly Astro Club and Breathwork Healing Circles while class is in session.

Starry Sky

The Moon

Full Class Syllabus

Week One: Getting Grounded in Magic.

The High Priestess Rx


Permissions, Sacred Space and Power:

What every reader needs to know beyond "just" reading the cards.

Group Interpretation.

What-Does-the-Tarot-Mean-to-You Spread.


Connecting with a divination spirit.

Week Two: Reading through the heart.

Page of Cups


How are Your Readings Changing You?  

+ The principle of accretion.

Group Interpretation.

Opening the Heart Spread.


Merging with a divination spirit for a reading.

Week Three: Claiming your magic.

King of Swords rx


Climbing the Tree:

An introduction to Kabbalah and the Tree of Life.

Group Interpretation.

Ancestor Spread.


Building family trees through the court cards.

Week Four: Gambling with the Future.

Wheel of fortune rx


The Unfixed Quality of Time:

How asking questions about the future may change the future.

Group Interpretation.

The-Year-Ahead Spread.


Five-Year Future Meditation

Week Five: Shining our darkness.

The Sun rx


Embracing the Cards that Scare Us:

Why bad cards are the best medicine.

Group Interpretation.

Stalker Card Spread.


Journeying to reveal the light in “dark cards”.

Week Six: Celebrating our gifts.

Three of cups


Continuing the Climb:

More magical fruit from Kabbalah's Tree of Life.


Group Interpretation.

A New Major Arcana Spread.


Dancing the Tarot.

Week Seven: tarot as spiritual warriorship.

The MAgician


Tarot for Better Days:

How a personal spiritual practice can (and should) change the world.


Group Interpretation.

A New Spread We Will Create Together!


Closing Ritual.

Painted Heart
Fortune Telling Cards
Solar System
Pool Party Straws
Moon Clouds


Option One: One payment of $297 

Option Two:  Three payments of $107

(Second payment to be made by April 12th. Last payment by May 3rd.)

*Please email us if you need other payment options besides PayPal.*

questions?  email uS:

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