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Welcome, seeker

Hi there, you look gorgeous!  We are Brandon Alter and Angel Lopez, and we are The Spiritual Gayz.  We are seekers, healers and yes, we are husbands.  In June of 2018, we launched our podcast out of a desire to demystify the mystical and make esoteric practices like Tarot, Astrology and Animism accessible and practical. 

Now more than ever we are committed to creating opportunities for you to learn, heal and grow.  Our FINAL SEASON of the Wheel of the Year is open for registration now; join us!

We've also created a unique combination Astrology and Tarot reading with both of us at the same time! You asked for it and we delivered!

We hope you enjoy your time exploring our virtual home.  You'll find more information about us, our one-on-one services for healing or readings and you can also find podcast episodes organized by subject for easier listening. Lastly, check out this effective boundaries meditation below.  Thanks for stopping by! 

xoxo B+A

Boundaries Meditation
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REadings and


Brandon offers Spiritual Healing, Private Breathwork Sessions, Tarot and Astrology Readings. 

Angel offers in depth astrology readings that include current transits in addition to your natal chart.  


Brandon and Angel offer an 80 minute combination Astrology and tarot reading for those that want to take a deep dive with

the spiritual gayz.

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