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Aligning with your inner guide:

a cosmic healing retreat 

at the Kripalu center



Each of us contains an inner guide who possesses a unique language and way of expressing ourselves based on our individual gifts. However, if we are unable to fully embody our authenticity and find confidence in sharing these gifts, our inner guide can get lost in the noise.

Join us, October 28th-31st at the renowned Kripalu Retreat Center for a playful and powerful opportunity to align with your inner guide. Using a combination of astrology, tarot, breathwork, and energy & ancestral healing, you will:

  • Understand your individual gifts as laid out in your birth chart

  • Learn how to utilize your birth chart through intuition, play, and discovery

  • Draw upon the potency of eclipse season and Mars retrograde

  • Be in a safe community as you claim your authenticity and step into vulnerability. 

  • Return home with a deeper understanding of your astrology and the tarot, a toolbox of energy visualization practices for grounding and clearing, and basic ritual skills.







Opening Session. 7:30-9 PM.


Community Altar Building + Energy Clearing and Grounding

+ Group Tarot Reading


Our retreat will begin with introductions and intention setting by way of building a communal altar. Each attendee will be asked to bring an item that represents one of their prime motivations for joining in our retreat. Once the altar is assembled, we will officially open up our sacred circle and call in spiritual support.


With the circle open, we will settle in for some basic energy clearing practices to both ground us in the here-and-now and relieve us of anything we might be energetically holding onto from our travel. Our opening circle will conclude with a group tarot reading where each participant will pull a card that will serve as their Tarot avatar for the weekend, helping them to crystallize which invitations and opportunities are most available to them in the coming days.


Objectives: To open up our sacred container, to connect the group, to divine what is possible for the days ahead.


Takeaways: Energy visualization practices for grounding and clearing. Basic ritual skills.

An introduction to the Tarot.




Morning Session. 9-11:30 AM.


The Astrology of Authenticity


This workshop is all about unlocking and embracing the unique signature of your birth chart! Dedicated to deepening everyone’s understanding of their Sun and Rising signs, we’ll identify each attendee’s specific natal placements and explore the ruling planets to which they answer. By delving into your birth chart and learning the planets that “call the shots”, you will be better equipped to lean into your strengths and support your challenges. This is a key that can unlock the authentic flavor of your soul’s essence and expression in the world.


Do you know which planet your Sun or Rising answers to?

Planetary rulers are like the CEO’s of the chart, they organize the other energies and help them to succeed. Through playful exploration and casual lecture, you will be empowered to better unpack these powerful placements in your birth chart and how you can best be working with them in your life. We will conclude this workshop by introducing the Sabian symbols for each attendee’s Sun sign and Rising sign in a guided meditation.

Objectives: To arrive at a thorough understanding of both the Sun and Rising signs by exploring which planets they answer to and how that “flavors” the expression of each.

Takeaways: Practical Astrology Training. Specific Visual Meditation for Each Attendee.

Afternoon Session. 1:30-4 PM.

The Astrology of Intuition

Everyone is intuitive but how your intuition wants to communicate can vary widely. This is a workshop centered around each attendee’s Moon Sign and how it can be utilized as a jumping off point for exploring a closer connection with one’s inner intuitive.


We will look at the sign, house and overall elemental power of the Moon Sign to help connect the dots to the various psychic languages it wants to speak. Through playful exercises, each attendee will be able to practice and refine their own relationship to their intuitive gifts.


The Moon Sign also clues the native into how their deeper needs can be met. This workshop will conclude with a discussion on how to unpack self-care styles Through individual Moon placements.


Objectives: To illuminate the intuitive language each attendee inherently speaks

by understanding the natal Moon placement.

Takeaways: Psychic development tools. Soul-centered Astrological insights.

Specific self-care rituals.


kripalu_hero_summer_2022 (1).jpg


Morning Session. 9-11:30 AM.


The Astrology of Vulnerability

This workshop is the centerpiece of our time together. It’s dedicated to understanding the planetoid Chiron, who embodies the archetype of the wounded healer. We all have soul wounds and we are also all healers. Chiron’s placement in a chart can help us articulate these wounds and illuminate how our unique healing powers wish to be expressed.


We will explore the mythology of Chiron and the unique orbit this minor planet takes to help unpack the myriad ways this astrological ally can help us express radiant vulnerability and pick up our power as healers. Through small group exploration and Tarot associations, Chiron will become a beloved aspect of each attendee’s chart.

Objectives: To excavate the healing potential in each chart through Chiron’s placement.

Takeaways: Cosmic Healing.


Afternoon Session. 1:30-4 PM

Eclipse Season Breathwork Ritual

Eclipse Season is a time to let go, to break through, to step into the next evolution of your life. This is an experiential group healing that will harness the energies of Eclipse Season to release our tendency to minimize our gifts and empower new patterns of self-honoring and self-expression. Having taken time to understand Chiron and the healing potential it signifies, we will dive into the

waters of healing itself!

Breathwork is a form of energy healing that plugs you back into the electrical socket of spirit so you can transform at a soul level. This practice helps you notice where energy is stuck in the body and then assists you in shifting it. It’s ancient, effective and safe for everybody. It promotes deep relaxation, spiritual connection, insight and sometimes (often) BLISS!


Objectives: To move beyond the intellectual and drop deep into the heart for

healing, connection and courage.

Takeaways: A Powerful Breathwork Technique.

Evening Session. 7:30-9 PM.

Luminous Ancestor Healing

Halloween is a cross-quarter day considered to be a uniquely spiritual portal when the veil between worlds is thin. We will take advantage of this moment to connect with a Luminous Ancestor from our own bloodline who can deliver a profound spiritual healing. While we all have an inner guide, there’s no reason not to connect with an outer guide as well.


Using an Animist technique we call a Spirit Trip, attendees will be instructed on how to safely travel (and return) from the invisible world. Using a steady drumbeat as a sonic driver, each participant will have the opportunity to enter into an altered state and connect with a personal helping spirit in the form of a compassionate and benevolent ancestral helping spirit.

Objectives: Having spent the day exploring our most sensitive and vulnerable edges, this practice will facilitate a spiritual healing to smooth whatever feels spiky or still unaddressed.

Takeaways: Ancestral Healing.

With All Your Heart
Opening graphic_1200x750 (1).jpg



Closing Session. 9-11 AM.

Closing Heart Circle + Integration Ceremony


Our final gathering will begin with a Heart Circle, where each participant will be invited to share anything on their heart and process their experience within the group.


Following the Heart Circle, we will disassemble our altar and close the energetic container that has held us so well these last few days. This is a ceremony that’s designed to help you integrate whatever healing, revelations and/or inner power has been gathered up for you throughout the weekend.


Objectives: To close the space with sacred attention and help bridge the gap between the retreat world and the “real world”.

Takeaways: A profoundly empowering, fun and healing weekend!



For five decades, the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health has been a leader in yoga- and mindfulness-based education.


Located 2.5 hours north of New York City and west of Boston, in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts, Kripalu is the largest retreat center in North America.


Our campus sits on more than 100 acres on the traditional, unceded Mohican territory of the Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohicans.

Included In Your Stay

Your stay at Kripalu includes so much more than just your program, workshops, and accommodations. Your cost per night includes: 

Daily Yoga Classes

3 All-Natural Meals

Access to the Kripalu Grounds


Space is limited. register today. 

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